Send free fax

Send free fax

If you want to send and receive free fax then we have the perfect website for you.
Your free fax can help you with receiving and sending totally free fax from anywhere in the world.

The only thing you need is your computer to send and if you want to receive free fax you need to have a fax machine or a fax modem.

Some people have set up a system for others to send free fax from country to country and it’s all done for free.

You can use this free fax system and they will never charge you anything for sending fax.

Sometimes you can get an advertisement on the top of the fax but not all the time. This system to send free fax is called internet faxing.

Send free SMS

Send free SMS

If you want to send free SMS to all countries around the world then this website is for you. They have a list of all the different countries that you can send SMS to. Every country is listed and how you can send free SMS to that country.

You can select the country you want to send free SMS to and the country you sending free SMS from and the site will tell you what provider or other website you can use.

If you have a website sending free SMS you can also get it listed on that site.

If you can not find a provider in you country you can recommend some friends and get to send free SMS to everyone.

Free SMS to Thailand

If you want to send SMS to Thailand you should try SMS Thailand. They offer a free trial off 5 point on translated SMS. After that you need to pay a small fee for every SMS but its very cheap considering you get them translated to Thai in the same time.

It is perfect if you have a Thai girlfriend or something that you want to send SMS to. She can also send SMS back to you from Thai language into English.

Go and try some free SMS to Thailand right now.

Free phone numbers in many countries

If you running a website and want people from all over the world to call you this website might tickle your toes.

With over 20 different countries in the list they give you a free phone number connected to your Skype account.

We have not seen any limits on the amount of numbers yet because we created one in each country.

You can off course connect the numbers to a private Skype account and chat with friends or relatives.

It is totally free and can be found on Phone to Skype, you can never have too many free phone numbers.

You can see here how a Thai florist got a few extra customers by adding more numbers.

Totally free holiday in Thailand

Now you can get a totally free trip to Thailand. It is the Thai tourist bureau that start a contest the 1 September 2009.

The prices is worth over $10 000 and you will get a free holiday from your country.

The only thing you need to do is send in a video of you an a partner and then if you win a free holiday to Thailand you need to tell people about it.

You can find more information on the Thailand blog

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Steal back your money the legal free way

Steal back the money from the advertising companies.

This is not a scam how could it be we do not want anything from you we just want to give you.

Whether you’re retired, a stay-at-home mum, student or anyone else looking to make extra cash, we make it easy to grab your share of the millions being paid for peoples’ opinions. The company needs these opinions to know what we really want. They spend over 250 billion dollars every year to try us to buy things. It is time for you to take some of that money.
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Knowing this, and that they won’t get our help for free, companies are willing to pay people like you and me good money – real Aussie dollars! – For our opinions, because when the dust settles they know they will come out ahead and generate even more profits for themselves.


Get 250 free business cards

The economy is not that great but it is always good to look forward and try new ideas. The only problem is that new ideas cost money and one way you can avoid that is to make free business cards. You get 250 free business cards by using our link and we do not want anything in return.

You can try giving out 250 cards to new customers and if they never call you back you had lost nothing.

Offer only valid in Australia but click on your country for similar offers.

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Give away free stuff make money

Do you like to give away free things?

Do you like to make people happy?

Do you want to make money making people happy?

Right I thought so, then you me as wee make people happy all over the world and make some money doing it.

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One year free of diapers is yours to get

We all know how costly a baby can be the first years. You did not think the baby would cost the much so you kind of in a shock. A baby takes a lot of time the first year as well and that makes you have less time for work.

But now you have the chance to win a year free of diapers and that will cut the cost down a little I think.

The offer is for USA based people only so if you from another country check your country in the side bar and you will find similar offers for your country.

Have fun changing all these diapers fellow parents.